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 All church services, special concerts and events are broadcast when they occur. Our weekly Divine Service is webcast live at 11:00am and aired again at 3:30pm every Saturday.

At the present time, you must have windows Media Player and/or Flash media player installed on your computer in order to view any live webcasts from the campus church. Click on the icons below to download a free copy. Return here at other times to view a webcast in progress. You may also check the schedule below. (Note: all times are Central Time) . Call (256) 837 1255 if you have difficulty receiving a scheduled program.

Tip: For full screen viewing, double-click on the center of the picture, press ESC to reset.

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  • What do I need to watch the webcast?
    • A relatively fast computer, PC or Mac
    • Operating Systems supported are:
      • PC - XP, Vista, Windows 7, Linux browsers supported Browsers: IE, Firefox, Google Chrome
      • Mac - OS 10.4.8 and above - Browsers: Safari
    • Most recent Windows Media player
    • Relatively fast broadband connection / 500kbps download
  • I'm not seeing the broadcast, what could be wrong?
    • Check to see that your internet connection is working
    • Check the webcast start time, we are in the Central Time Zone
    • Slow connections make for an extremely bad experience
    • Your browser may not support the Windows Media player
    • There may be a web policy blocking streaming media content